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Direct Action


    Direct Action Cinema is a practice created to allow actors and technicians freedom and  responsibility to create memorable cinema. It is a dynamic jazz ensemble of actors, camera, sound, directors and editors which creates and interprets together, seeking the unexpected, the extraordinary, the miracles only a well-honed combo can play... 


      Create a situation... imagine a character. Combine the two and watch them collide, attract and repel. Build drama from this dynamic...

closer to the way life happens to us and we happen back to it. 


     Grow a narrative with the story spine hidden, accreting like a coral reef... from within and according to its own inner energies. 

      Reject the "film as short story" promoted by Hollywood and the film schools. Abandon the confining chain of excessive plot. Create a poetic cinema based not on writing but on observing... mistrust your ideas... trust your experiences.  Discover... don't prescribe. 

      Improvise a cinema not of auteurs but of interpreters.  The magicians who bottle the genies are the actors. The magician who lets the genies out of the bottle is the editor.   


       In acting, "situations, rich discords, conflict, laughter, human dilemma, emotion."


       In editing, "a scavenger hunt for the miraculous." 


       Fear is the last barrier.  Our path is towards our fear!

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